3 Clear Signs That You Have Low Testosterone old

Warning: What You’re About To Discover May Shock You And Will NOT Be Revealed By The Medical Establishment

signs of low testosteroneBy: Mark Wilson

Health coach, researcher and author of the 31 Day Testosterone Plan

I’ve been teaching men how to boost testosterone levels naturally for more than a decade.

And the question I get asked most frequently is:

How do I know if I have Low T?

And this is an easy question to answer because most men with low testosterone deal with the same symptoms.

So let’s take a look at the top 3 right now…

Number 1: Loss of Muscle

One of the first things a man will notice is that his muscle tone and skin tightness begin to decline.

One morning a man will look in the mirror and notice that his belly is more prominent than his arms and shoulders, which seem weaker. He may also look older.

And the onset of this visible physical decline leads to lower self-esteem for most of us.

If this wasn’t enough it’s often compounded for most by the near inability to burn belly fat and build new muscle,

When your testosterone levels go down, you feel weaker all of a sudden because you need testosterone to make muscle. But you also need muscle to make testosterone.

This explains why every smart man I know has made a life long commitment to pumping iron. And so should you.

Number 2: Lack of Motivation

The first symptom is usually followed up by a lack of motivation to get things done, at work and at home.

And it’s the lack of drive to engage in a relationship that gets a man’s attention first, just as it should.

Once you lose the drive to keep the spark alive at home you’ve clearly suffered a major decline in testosterone.

And this shift will lead to other changes in behavior as well that prove that something has gone way wrong in your hormonal world.

I always tell men, if you’re not looking at just about every female that passes you by, alarm bells should be ringing.

Because men, by their very nature, are visual creatures, so when you stop looking you can be confident that you’re not producing testosterone at optimal levels.

Another thing you want to monitor is your behavior during your down time.

For example, if you used to hit the gym in the evenings and shoot hoops with the boys on weekends…

But now you find yourself watching TV or browsing the web for endless hours, you’ll know for certain that your T is heading in the wrong direction…

Because productivity, accomplishment and achievement are the hallmarks of a high testosterone man, so when you stop achieving, your T levels have clearly gone down.

3: Belly Fat That Refuses To Go Away

Now take all the problems we’ve just discussed…

And let them ride for several months and you’re going to start noticing another negative trend, and this one goes by the name of visceral belly fat.

And you’ll know you’re there when you suddenly find that your gut is substantially larger than it was when you were 20 years old.

And this accumulation of fat surrounding your internal organs usually comes along with another symptom – a severe drop in energy.

And these problems aren’t happening to just a few of us, as a matter of fact they’re reaching epidemic proportions….

Combine this with the drastic increase in fertility problems among young men of reproductive age and it’s no surprise that so many of us are suffering.

But you don’t have to be part of these statistics, you just need to develop a game plan to avoid the all the negativity…

From chemical exposure, to your poor self-sabotaging habits, to the hormone-suppressing foods sitting in your refrigerator, these are things you have complete control over.

And if you get a grip on these items, as well as a few others, you’ll turn your situation around in no time.

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Low testosterone is a big worry for a growing number of men, both young and old, in this day and age..

While the above are the most obvious symptoms, it’s certainly worth learning about further symptoms and causes of low testosterone in men.

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