Science has shown us that simply making the 3 below changes will result in elevated levels of testosterone in over 90% of men.

Commit to making these changes for 4-6 weeks, and monitor your body during this time.

The increases in natural free testosterone should become apparent at around the 3-4 week mark, resulting in extra energy, a boost in desire and motivation, less body fat and more muscle definition.

 1: Stop Falling For The Latest Miracle Supplements

We’ve all seen the ads for the latest super supplements that somebody told you would make you burn off all of your belly fat and give you huge muscles all in a few weeks.

But that miracle supplement you’re taking is probably doing you more harm than good.

I can bet you felt pretty good when you first starting with it. In fact, I bet you felt great. But I also know for a fact that after a few weeks that it’s doing nothing whatsoever for your body.

You see, your body wises up and begins to shift, adjust, and adapt to the supplement you’re taking.

In fact, your body reacts by gradually decreasing its own production of testosterone.

What your body is saying is…I’m running the show here buddy…you put more of this stuff in, and I’m just going to start putting less testosterone out.

So what starts off as an initial spike in testosterone as you begin using a new supplement eventually turns into a decline as your body turns off the testosterone tap.

Many in the medical field describe this adaptation process as the “Negative Feedback Loop”.

Supplements can be highly effective, but only if you follow the precise protocols on how to use them.

And synthetic testosterone gels? The result is similar but much worse. Around 40% of the guys who come to me with their T levels in the gutter have been taking gels for at least 6 months.

 2: Eliminate Estrogenic Foods

Most men are shocked when I tell them that the health food they’ve been eating for years is creating an estrogen dominance in their bodies.

You see, estrogen is a female hormone that leaves little room for testosterone and can cause you to have predominantly feminine characteristics such as a soft, round body, less body hair and higher body fat.

One example of these foods is soy. Regularly  ed as a health food, 90% of soy in North America is highly processed and genetically modified and can wreak havoc with your endocrine system.

Other food additives, oils and grains are doing a similar number on your testosterone every single day.

To avoid going through the same pains, stay clear of harmful estrogenic and processed foods at the root of this problem.

3: Take Regular Breaks

Most guys are permanently connected to their job or business through their phone, laptop or tablet. Big mistake.

You see, being permanently hooked to your work causes a steady secretion of the hormone that is arguably the most harmful to your testosterone levels.

The name of the hormone? Cortisol.

And when it’s released, which is when you can’t switch off from your work, your T is gagged, pushed into a corner and stays there. These 2 hormones simply cannot be in the same room together.

If you don’t disconnect completely from work often enough, your cortisol levels remain constantly high and your T levels low.

And for most guys this means they won’t even be able to lose weight, even in times of caloric deficit.

So Let’s Recap:

Perhaps you’re wondering if your low T is the reason you haven’t been able to stay healthy, look good, make a big success of yourself and go on vacations that make your friends green with envy.

Either way, you understand now that testosterone is what most successful, healthy, attractive men have in common.

Imagine if in just a few short weeks from today, you look in the mirror like you do every morning, only this time you don’t see an overweight, puffy, tired man who looks every inch his age.

Instead, what you see is a younger, leaner, more muscular version of yourself. You feel virile, confident and overflowing with desire to achieve big goals.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a single solution that helps you to achieve all of that?

Sit back, relax and take a deep breath.

Because you’ve just found it.

In response to the demands of thousands of men I devised the ultimate, complete, step by step system for tripling testosterone levels, improving muscle tone and shedding body fat fast.

With the 31 Day Testosterone Plan, you’ll finally unlock your true, powerful masculine potential in just 4 to 6 weeks, with the first results being visible in a few short days from now.

And what’s great is that using this system is highly pleasurable, enjoyable and fun.

The 31 Day Testosterone Plan Is Not A Fad Diet, A Hyped Supplement Or A Back-Breaking Exercise Routine

31 Daty Test

What it is, is a step by step full video and ebook plan consisting of groundbreaking new routines and highly effective testosterone boosting methods based on scientific studies and extensive testing.

In this cutting edge program, you’ll get access to a full 10 step methodology which, when you follow it, will result in rapid surges of natural free testosterone within 4 to 6 weeks without you ever touching any synthetic gels or injections.

You’ll be using a number of surprising methods of tricking the body by making some simple lifestyle tweaks which most men are amazed by.

And, you’ll learn how to avoid habits that drain testosterone out of you.

Here are some snippets of what you’ll get:

We all love videos, which is why you’ll achieve your goals of high testosterone with my 3 cutting edge videos to cover every single aspect of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle that contain all the juicy essentials you could possibly need.

Video 1 – Testosterone Antagonists

Discover the dangerous chemical foods that are sabotaging your hormone and that you need to steer clear of to avoid weight gain, plummeting testosterone and harmful fertility problems.

Avoid these and feel your energy soar within 1 or 2 weeks.


Video 2 – Testosterone Exercise Shortcuts

I’ll take you through all of my rapid workout routines designed specifically to get your body positively pumping testosterone through it, without wasting time and without an expensive gym membership.

You’ll see how to work out in just 40 minutes a week for maximum hormonal impact.

 Video 3 – The Alpha Male Testosterone Diet

This anabolic diet was designed specifically for men looking to maximize testosterone production and burn abdominal fat.

Men who want to boost their metabolism and maximize their muscle gains in the shortest time period possible.

I show you how any man can make simple, metabolic meals in minutes, even if you can’t cook.


Quick Start Immediate Testosterone Boost Plan

To make this real easy for you I’ll also throw in a quickstart plan to get started fast, with all the important information in an easy to follow guide, a workout plan for the months to come and a Q&A section that will answer any questions you may have. The concise info will have you up and running in minutes.

Remember, the 31 Day Testosterone Plan is a proven and guaranteed methodology.

It will be like having me as your personal health coach, only without the personal coaching prices.

I can happily share will you some real testimonials from guys that have used these powerful methods:

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I have to say at this point, you will experience some side effects from this program, such as more dominant behaviour and a desire to succeed at all costs. You should manage these new powerful urges with care.

And by the way, if you’re looking for a magic pill, celebrity endorsed supplement, or hyped up steroid solution, then this program is not for you.

If you would like to be involved in this unique, new natural methodology, then you can start right now.

This programme is only for men who are serious about reaching their peak raw testosterone levels in 6 weeks or less.

And if you order right now, I’m gonna throw in these valuable bonus products for free as a way of saying thanks for taking that important first step.

Free Bonus 1:  Testosterone Diet Plan

Remember, your diet can make or break your testosterone, which is why getting your hands on this information is essential to your virility.

And this is why I’ll be revealing the following:

  • A potent protein combination that spikes anabolic hormones in your body, almost instantly.
  • 21 hormone suppressing foods that you need to eliminate from your life, now!
  • A common food item that’s been known to cause hormonal dysfunction for more than 200 years, yet no one seems to be talking about it.
  • A vegetable you can easily cook at home that will flush feminizing estrogen out of your system in double time.
  • The link between heartburn and suppressed hormones (and the food you’re eating every day that’s causing it).
  • The highly touted “Health Food” that literally floods your body with feminizing compounds.
  • The REAL cause of your bloated belly ( has nothing to do with excessive food intake OR willpower)
  • Much, much more

 Free Bonus 2: Paleo Recipes


Using these unique super food recipes, you can experience sharp reductions in body fat, greatly increased energy and better memory and concentration in just a few days from now.

These metabolic food plans will take all the stress away from your food shopping as they include only food proven to be beneficial to your hormones.

Get ready for tasty, nutritious T-boosting meals that power up your energy and muscles.

Free Bonus 3: Lifetime Membership

If you sign up now, you can take advantage of this special offer to receive cutting edge tricks and tips including brand new research results about super foods, supplements and programming techniques to stay motivated and to stay at the top for years to come, right into your old age.

Most men would happily shell out $40 a month for these golden nuggets straight to you every 2 weeks, but you’ll be getting it all as a free bonus.

If you order now, you’ll get all the above, valued at $297, for free.

You may think that a program that delivers so much in terms of results will cost you an arm and a leg, and that’s understandable.

After all when you consider that coaching for male health consultants and specialized doctors can set you back around $200 an hour, and another $800-1000 for a few follow up appointments, most guys would be reaching into their pockets right now for a wad of cash.

But I know putting a $500 price tag would keep this program out of reach for a lot of men, and that’s not something I’d want to do.

I’ve squeezed the price down to an ultra low discounted amount, which you’ll be comfortable with. I’ll show you this in just a second.

Remember, this course is covered by a reinforced, 60 day satisfaction or money back guarantee.

You see, I know this program will work for you, which is why I can cover you with a fully reliable guarantee, and assume all the risk.

If you’re not absolutely satisfied with the results, just let me know and I’ll happily refund you, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

So you’re not going to pay $300 or even $200.

No Chance…

In fact, I’ve squeezed the price right down to an ultra low discounted $97 $37.

So you’ll get access to the full 31 Day Testosterone Plan, plus the cutting edge video course, plus the bonus programs, for just $97 $37.

Remember, this offer is limited and if you come back tomorrow I can’t promise you it’ll still be here.

And in case you’re still there wondering about it, studies show that high-achieving men tend to be those that take action, and I really want you to be one of those guys.

So I do encourage you to act fast to start your journey to pulsating testosterone by clicking the ‘add to cart’ button below.

In fact, just taking action today will have the instant effect of actually increasing your T, that’s how powerful it can be.

Not every man has the chance to put an end to the frustration and embarrassment. You do though

This is your first step in the journey to becoming a lean, fit, virile man with a positive, successful outlook on life.

I look forward to helping you get there.

Click below to get instant access and begin your journey.


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And in case you are still on the fence, here are yet more unsolicited testimonials I have received from men following this very course:

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I Confirm That:

  • I will experience natural, powerful testosterone surges following this fitness course
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And I can happily share with you even more real testimonials from guys that have had been following these powerful methods:

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