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31 Day Testosterone Plan is being constantly tested, refined and tweaked to the extent where conversions and EPC could not get any higher!

There are no other full video courses like these else to help men to increase testosterone, libido and get a good body at the same time. This is it.

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Without further ado, let’s get down to how you can find willing, enthusiastic men to sign up to this program yourself and earn some fat commissions.

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 Niches And Areas Of Interest

Incredibly, you can piggy back onto a number of different niches as men with small testicles and low testosterone will always be there.

In order of interest, here are the top-converting niches to place banners, articles and ads:

  • Low testosterone
  • Weight loss / losing weight
  • Building muscle
  • Man boobs
  • Penile enlargement
  • Sex tips
  • Improving libido
  • Overcome premature ejaculation
  • Dating tips
  • Male grooming
  • Small testicles / testicular atrophy

Email Swipes

These will get you some awesome conversions if you have any men in your list. Low T is much more widely spread than most people realise and ff your niche has men in it, you will make good sales, especially in the muscle building, fat loss, libido and fitness niches.

Swipe 1:

Subject #1: Jack Up Your Testosterone With This

Mens Health coach, Mark Wilson has just released a new product.

It’s titled the 31 Day Testosterone Plan.

See it HERE [link]

I’ve been asked to endorse more men’s health products than I care remember, but I turn most of them down.

But I changed my tune with this product because it contains very high quality, cutting edge material.

For example, inside you’ll learn…

-The Reason Why Your T Levels are 40% Lower Than Your Grandfather’s.

-The 3 Main Causes of Low-Testosterone (the last one will blow you away).

-A Unique Liver Flush Technique You Can Use to Remove Excess Estrogen From Your Body.

-How Naturally To Increase dopamine, (The libido, pleasure and desire neurotransmitter).

-The Man Killing Enzyme That Converts Your Testosterone Into Estrogen and How You Can Get Rid of It, Fast

This is just a LITTLE taste of what you’ll find inside this e-course.

I’ve giving this material my highest recommendation, because it’s really that good.

So I suggest you take a look [link]

Swipe 2:

Subject #1: 3 Clear Signs That You Have Low T

Subject #2: 3 Unusual Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Subject #3: This Is A Clear Sign Of Low Testosterone

Link: http://xxxx.31daytesto.hop.clickbank.net/?pid=2

Mark Wilson has just posted an excellent article on his site titled – 3 Clear
Signs That you Have Low T.

See it here [link]

If you’re dealing with the first symptom on his list, I have some bad news
for you…

Because there’s about a 90% chance you’re going to be hit with the other

And once a man reaches this point his quality of life is going to decline, fast.

One more thing…

When you run the test he describes, make sure you monitor frequency AND
quality, because both are extremely important.

View the article now. [link]


Swipe 3:

Subject #1: 3 Little Known Causes of Low T

Subject #2: These Weird Products Cause Testosterone To Plummet

Subject #3: 3 Weird Reasons Men Get Low Testosterone

Link: http://xxxx.31daytesto.hop.clickbank.net/?pid=3

I’ve just comes across an article that you need to read.

See it here [link]

I can almost guarantee you that you’re doing every one of these things, daily…

Especially the 3rd item, which is the most toxic of them all.

If you’re dealing with low t I suggest drop these bad habits as soon as possible…

Then pay close attention to how you feel over the next 72 hours.

If you’ve been going overboard, you’ll feel the impact almost immediately.

Here’s the link [link]


Swipe 4:

Subject #1: 3 Scary Facts About Low Testosterone

Subject #2: Why Our Testosterone Is In Rapid Decline

Subject #3: 3 Weird Facts About Men Who Get Low Testosterone

Link: http://xxxx.31daytesto.hop.clickbank.net/

You probably know testosterone is the lifeblood masculinity hormone for any man out there.

For example, when our ‘T’ is flying, we feel energetic, full of confidence, masculine, ready for anything and incredibly virile.

And when our ‘T’ is low we feel gloomy, we lack desire, we gain weight and shy away from challenges.

Which would you rather have?

In the video on the next page you will also discover:

1. Three shocking facts about the decline in testosterone over the last 30 years

2. Three significant mistakes men are making when the try to raise free testosterone levels

3. How one man reversed his low T and is happily swimming in male hormones

Click here to learn more <<—————

Low testosterone is a big worry for a growing number of men, both young and old, in this day and age.

While the above are the most obvious symptoms, it’s certainly worth learning about further symptoms and causes of low testosterone in men.

That’s why the following video is essential viewing.

Click here to watch it <<—————


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