3 Unusual Causes of Low Testosterone 3

Warning: What You’re About To Discover May Shock You And Will NOT Be Revealed By The Medical Establishment

signs of low testosteroneBy: Mark Wilson

Health coach, researcher and author of the 31 Day Testosterone Plan

There are quite a few things that can lower a man’s testosterone, including poor dietary choices, weight gain and alcohol abuse.

But there are several other T killers out there that are not so obvious.

Here are 3 that you may of never heard of before…

1: Cash Register Receipts

The fine powder that coats thermal cash register receipts is made with a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA).

And BPA does some very bad things to your hormones.

In a recent study, men who were exposed to BPA had lower levels of testosterone in their blood compared to those with less exposure.

And bioavailable free testosterone levels declined the most.

And this is bad news because your body can only use testosterone when it’s free, or unbound by carrier proteins.

And when your free testosterone levels drop, you’re going to feel the impact immediately because a man cannot function at a high level when levels sink below a certain point.

This is why you need to have a zero tolerance policy with these thermal cash register receipts.

I suggest you decline anytime you’re offered one when checking out at the store, or have the cashier toss it directly into the bag.

And if you’re working in retail, I highly recommend you start wearing gloves.

2: Plastic Water Bottles

plastic Many men make the fatal mistake of replacing tap water with water contained in cheap plastic bottles.

Problem is, this water is polluted with estrogenic chemicals because phthalates and other compounds are used to soften and condition these bottles.

According to Martin Wagner, an ecotoxicologist at Goethe University in Frankfurt….

“If you drink water from plastic bottles, you have a high probability of drinking estrogenic compounds.”

And anytime you take in an estrogen mimic like this, your T levels are going to go down.

Another researcher, Leonard Sax, MD, PhD, found that these chemicals cause delayed puberty and lost motivation in young men.

In the US, plastic bottles are labeled with a recycling number and some of these plastics are much worse than others.

If the bottle is stamped with the number 1, 3, or 7, avoid it at all costs, as these are the worst offenders.

Also keep in mind that if any bottle is left out in the sun, or heated in any way, it will leach chemicals at a much higher rate.

So where is the safest place to get your water?

If you’ve been around for a while, you probably remember when the Sparkletts truck was loaded down with GLASS, not plastic bottles.

They bottles are still out there and not too tough to find.

I suggest you locate one then drive to your local grocery store, and fill it from the purified water machine located in front of the store.

This water is filtered through charcoal, exposed to ultra violet light, and goes through a reverse osmosis process, so it’s about as clean as it can get.

Sure, it’s time consuming, inconvenient, and a pain in the you know what.

But nobody said hanging onto your manhood was easy.

3: Deodorant – Antiperspirant

Your skin, which is the largest organ in your body is like a big, wide open, gaping mouth and anything that goes on it, will up wind up inside your system.

So when you smear on that deodorant every morning, you may as well just fill a shot glass with the following chemicals, and go bottoms up…

Dipropylene Glycol , Water Aqua , Propylene Glycol , Sodium Stearate , Poloxamine 1307 , Fragrance Parfum, Aminomethyl Propanol , Disodiium EDTA , BHT , Yellow 5 CI 19140 , Green 6 CI 61565.

For more proof of this fact, consider this…

There are a whole host of drugs that are administered via the transdermal skin patch.

The pharmaceutical companies use the transdermal skin method, because they know it works like a charm.

According to one study, direct skin application is 95% more effective than taking medication orally.

You simply apply the product to the skin, and within a matter of seconds, you’ve got the med moving through your blood stream in double time.

And the deodorant you smear on your underarms every morning is absorbed just as effectively.

Studies done in 2004 and 2005 by researcher Philippa Darbre, found that parabens in deodorants and aluminum chloride used in antiperspirants get into the bloodstream and accumulate in breast tissue, where they emulate the effects of estrogen.

And anytime you increase estrogenic activity in your system, your body is going to become more feminine.

To see this for yourself, the next time you go to the pool or the beach take note of how many 40+  men have developed feminine breast tissue.

This problem didn’t rear it’s ugly head until plastics became widely used in developing countries in the 1920’s, so this is clearly the smoking gun here.

So now that we’ve outlined the problem, let’s move onto solutions…

From here on out I suggest you use natural, paraben free, fragrance free products that are made from items you would not have a problem eating.

Think coco butter, olive oil, shea butter and palm oil.

Head to your local health food store, and you can easily find deodorant and other personal care products made with these natural ingredients.

It’s going to cost you more, that’s for sure, but what are you willing to pay in order to hang onto your manhood?

Personally, anytime I’m faced with this dilemma, I reach straight into my back pocket and pull out my wallet.

And I believe every man reading this should do the same.

If you’d like to learn about several other common habits that reduce testosterone levels in men…

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Low testosterone is a big worry for a growing number of men, both young and old, in this day and age..

While the above are the most obvious symptoms, it’s certainly worth learning about further symptoms and causes of low testosterone in men.

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